F21 is blowing my mind. I relentlessly made my way over there knowing that this store loves to ruin potentially good pieces with tacky unnecessary shit like bedazzled decals or cropping everything in sight. So It didn't take long before I was walking right back out. But then these caught my eye. They were laying on a messy table under owl necklaces, bamboo bracelets and other...well crap, so I inspected these rings for a deal breaker (as most of F21's pieces have) and to my surprise they were just plain two fingered rings with crosses on them. No sparkles or hearts and flowers etched into the metal. I was hesitant to get them at first because they didn't look that great sitting next to plastic costume rings and white plastic pearls but then I remembered that WILLIAM from the ever so inspiring BLACK LIST made a POST about these rings not too long ago. They looked good on him so I gave it a shot. Thank you William for jogging my memory in times of doubt. ;)
The only downside to these rings, for me at least, is that they are obviously made for dainty fingers. I'm a big bitch, so It took me half of my life to take them off.


  1. william said...
  2. Yeah, I made the mistake of putting them on the wrong fingers and spending hours trying to get them off. The small/medium only fits on my pinky/ring finger.

  3. ONTHEINTERNET said...
  4. Ugh so did I. It literally took me 30 minutes to take it off. I just cut the medium ring off and filed it down so it wasn't a sharp piece of metal and made it into a pinky ring. I also tried taking the ring part off of the cross part but ended up breaking the whole thing. I felt so salty having to go back and buy more haha.

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